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This dude needs a change of underwear

When you are driving a funny car at something like 200 mph, having the steering wheel come off in your hand has to be the biggest oh crap moment imaginable. Check it out.

Dogs are stupid

Proof that dogs are not as smart as we sometimes think they are.

Now this is how you sell orange juice

I’m not even completely sure what they are selling, it appears to be an orange beverage of some type, but I also do not care. I want some. nomnom

Diving beautiful Antarctica

This is an amazing clip of the beauty of Antarctica as seen on Darek Sepiolo’s trip around the world where he dove all 7 continents. The starkness and beauty are amazing as is the score which is inspired by Hans Zimmer’s music from “The Thin Red Line” Antarctica from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

Hero: 14 Year old gets first haircut

A Florida teenager who never cut his hair as a way of honoring his Cherokee heritage received his very first haircut at 14 and donated the hair to charity. Teen gets 1st haircut ever, donates locks: Read more:

Some perspective on Facebook

If a stranger asked you the same questions that Facebook does, what would you say? Imagine you’re at the mall one day, happily shopping around when all of a sudden, someone walks up to you and starts asking you questions like what your sexual preference is; what your email address is; what your telephone number […]

Area 51 secrets revealed

Located inside the Nevada Test and Training Range, the flat-dry lake bed known as Groom Lake has been the home to some of the nation’s most advanced espionage and weapons technology, hair-raising tales of Cold War brinksmanship, and possibly much worse, according to a new book about the top-secret military base. In these three videos, […]

Kitten – "Chinatown"

Just an amazing video of the song Chinatown from the band Kitten who I had never heard of before. Good stuff and fantastic video. Kitten – "Chinatown" from Bryan Schlam on Vimeo.

When is a bikini too small?

We have this discussion a lot more than you would think and the answer seems to be dependent on the wearer, and the viewer, but, if like us you are a fan of teenie, tiny bikinis (and who isn’t) you’ll love watching Jen Keller show off her sexy bikini with invisible strings. Video:

It’s Real! Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer

Vaporware no more! The oft-delayed first-person shooter Duke Nukem Forever is hitting stores later this month? Check it out Tags:, Duke Nukem Forever – E3 2011: Launch Trailer, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360