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The best salesman of all time

The best door to door salesman of all time. I don’t need his cleaner, but I want to buy some from him. Get in touch with me Kenny Brooks and I will set you up a website and make us both rich

Proof that rednecks are idiots: Redneck long jump

Here is proof that rednecks are stupid and that the dumb die young as this idiot in a pickup truck is trying to prove. Redneck Long Jump – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Video: Surfer Almost Swallowed by Whale

The power and beauty of nature never ceases to amaze. A woman floating on a surfboard near Santa Cruz, California almost ended up on the lunch menu for a humpback whale over the weekend. Barb Roettger had her camera rolling as two hefty whales popped out of the calm waters not far from the unsuspecting […]

How to break up with your girl

Well, one way is to land your dirt bike on her head. Extreme videos

1 U.S. Marine vs. 30 NY City Cops (The Marine Wins)

    United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, NY went toe to toe with the New York Police Department. An activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement, Thomas voiced his opinions of the NYPD police brutality that had and has been plaguing the #OWS movement. Good for him.  Luckily the cameras were […]

The Booty Store

Hilarious song and video to go with it. Check out The Booty Store!

Real life Tron Lightcyle

This may be the coolest, most unnecessary thing ever, behold a short video of the full scale Tron Lightcycle driving in the daytime as well as nighttime. This bike has had extensive reworking on the body as well as Lithium Ion batteries and a 96volt electric motor. Even cooler, they are going to give this […]

Cute Overdose: Baby Bears Wrestle

Awwww these two baby bears wrestling in the road in the middle of Yosemite are cute. Notice how momma is close by just in case.

Olivia Munn is still the hottest geek we know

She has moved on from geekdom to become a star in her own right, but Olivia will always be the queen of the geeks to us. Here’s Olivia Munn frolicking on the Malibu shores for a Shape magazine photo shoot

Girl with big guns: Jordan Carver gets in danger at the gun store.

Jordan Carver never shot a real gun! That is until she shot this video where she got to handle a M9 Beretta, a H&K MP 5 and the ultimate M249 SAW Machine gun! See how she accomplished this task! Jordan at The Gun Store Jordan in here more natural pose you are used to