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Jumping the Shark with glee – Chuck Season 5 Morgan vs. the Intersect

You have to love Chuck to get this but in this comic-con exclusive preview we get Jeffster doing Eye of the Tiger, Morgan training to be the intersect, and some other great inside stuff.  Great stuff for fans, if you don’t watch Chuck, don’t bother with this because you just wont get it.

Beavis and Butthead Sneak Preview

Holy cornholio they are back! Here is a 5 minute preview from the new Beavis and Butthead – The Holy Cornholio. Get More: Beavis and Butt-Head, MTV Shows

TV Bites – Books: The Original TV

OPINION By Neena Louise I was on the phone with my sister one evening, lamenting the lack of watchable television. As we both went through the hundreds of channels available to us, we just kept saying "nah…nah" to everything that was on. Frustrated, I finally said "Oh, screw it. I’ll read instead. There are always […]

The 2010-2011 Twelfth Annual TV BiteMes

Neena is back with the sometimes hilarious, sometimes thought provoking, and sometimes just right on annual TV BiteMes. You might not agree with all of them, but you can bet you will find yourself thinking about the TV landscape…read more

Summer TV: Alphas

Alphas is a Syfy original coming in July that looks fantastic. This is an action-packed thriller from writers Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-Men: The Last Stand) and Michael Karnow. Five ordinary people are brought together to form one extraordinary team of Alphas — people with the unique power to stretch the capabilities of the human […]

True Blood: Season 4 – Trailer and cast interviews

True Blood is back June 26th and the trailer is out and from the looks of things its going to be another great season as our favorite porn sexy vampires and characters just keep getting better and better. Trailer: Interviews: The cast of True Blood, including Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer & Deborah Ann Woll, sit […]

TV Bites

OPINION To Everything, is There a Season? by Neena Louise I often write a commentary on how a television season is going a few weeks into it. This year, however, there just doesn’t seem to be a "season". Yes, there was the usual crop of new fall shows that started in September and October. But […]

Deal of the Day: Quantum Leap Complete Season 5 DVD for just $15.99

Today’s deal is a blast from the past. Quantum Leap was a really cool show and now you can get the complete season 5 DVD for just $15.99. He’s leaped into lives of the past, but nothing can compare time traveler Dr. Sam Beckett (Emmy nominee Scott Bakula) and his wise-cracking holographic guide, Al (Emmy […]

True Blood Second Half Preview

If you have not been watching True Blood, you have no idea what you have been missing. Get HBO now if you do not have it so you do not miss out on this fantastic series. Here is a preview of what’s to come in the second half of this season. Season 3: Comic-Con Second […]

Featured online TV: New Amsterdam Pilot

New Amsterdam: Pilot Episode In 1642, John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), then a Dutch soldier in the colony of New Amsterdam – later to become New York – stepped in front of a sword to save the life of a Native American girl during a massacre of her tribe. The girl in turn rescued Amsterdam, […]