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This Week at the Movies

A pretty good crop of movies this week with Hanna being a fantastic piece of cinema and there is also something for everyone as Russell Brand puts a spin on Arthur, Soul Surfer is pretty inspirational, and then there is comedy Your Highness for those who don’t want to think at all. This weeks movie […]

This weekend at the movies

Peter’s Preview October 22, 2010 By Peter Veugelaers © It’ll be of interest to see how Clint Eastwood directs a supernatural thriller, Hereafter, after Gran Torino. Matt Damon stars after this year’s Oscar nomination for supporting actor in Invictus, also directed by Clint. The director keeps on going. It’s been a phenomenal decade. Since 2003, […]

This week at the movies

A week to take the kids to the multiplex as Pixar does it again with the wonderful Toy Story 3 (2010) We are slightly disappointed however in Jonah Hex (2010)and are hoping the directors cut will fix what could have been a fantastic movie so we are rating it as a hold off until the […]

This Week at the Movies

A nice week for new releases with four movies opening wide led by Splice and Get Him to the Greek which fought it out for our pick this week with Splice winning out in a close race. There is also Marmaduke for the kids and if you are a desperate Kutcher fan you can go […]

This Week at the Movies

 Movies on EntertainmentNutz – The latest movie news, reviews, and notes This week at the movies This is not a strong week at the movies. We get Clash of the Titans which is cheesy fun, Miley Cyrus trying to act in  The Last Song and another forgettable Tyler Perry outing. We strongly suggest you catch […]