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Dropbox continues to amaze

It’s not often that we revisit a recommendation here, but we the more we use dropbox, the more amazed I become with the myriad of uses for this simple, yet quickly becoming irreplaceable app/service. I just almost cannot believe the things I am now doing with dropbox and not having spent a dime yet to […]

Idiocracy: The MPAA, RIAA, Supervillains, Homeland Security, and the law. Where are we headed?

It’s a strange world we internet denizens are living in today, one in which it is perfectly legal for Chris Dodd to threaten to end the bribes to politicians if they do not act as he and the MPAA wish. Dodd actually appeared on Fox News to warn Obama and senators that if they did […]

Amazon adds free book lending to Prime

Amazon today announced that Kindle owners who are also members of its Amazon Prime will be able to borrow one e-book a month for free. Its been named the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and will give Prime members access to a library of thousands of titles, including over 100 former New York Times Bestsellers. The […]

Deal of the Day: My Passport Essential 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive for just $49.99

Today’s deal is the lowest price we have ever seen on a 500 GB portable hard drive. See your life safe in one place with wd’s ultra-portable my passport™ essential™ usb drive. wd smartware™ software automatically and continuously backs up your data, gives you a visual display of your backup as it happens, and helps […]

Freeware Pic: Go oo

Go-OO is a fork of OpenOffice that has quite a few impressive features which really ought to be in official OO, but for some reason or another aren´t, such as support for OpenXML, better Microsoft Binary support, Excel VBA macros, Visio diagrams and Word Perfect Graphics support

Freebie: Video Converter Pro Software

Today’s freebie is brought to you by the fine folks at MacXDVD who for the next few days are giving away the pro version of their excellent Video Converter Pro software. This is a fantastic and easy to use converter. With a total of 420+ video/audio codecs and an advanced HD video decoding engine, MacX […]

Tech News Today

Google plans social network …. sort of Google says that it will gradually roll out social-networking features to its sites. The roll-out will begin this fall and will integrate with existing services. Samsung takes on Apple iPad with Galaxy Tab Samsung’s new tablet PC and video service are the latest products the company has announced […]

Tech News Today

Bing Beckons Google News Haters Google is getting a lot of vitriolic backlash from users over its June 30 revamp of Google News. Many users of the Google Web service are angry that some customization features were disposed of, and some are turning to Microsoft’s Bing News or Yahoo News to tailor the news they’re […]

Tech News Today

For ‘Hurt Locker’ sharers, good and bad news A federal judge OKs mass lawsuits against suspected illegal file sharers to proceed, but she has serious questions about fairness. Is Apple covering up the real problem with its iPhone? Did Apple know about its signal strength reporting issue all along? Program Pick: Fluxee If you’re a […]