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Google Music Leaves Beta, introduces music purchasing to Android shop and gives independent artists a boost

  Google announced Wednesday the launch of a new music service in partnership with three major record companies, a service that will compete directly with Apple and Amazon to sell music directly to consumers and allow them to access songs from any PC or Android-based mobile device, but goes a step farther by allowing users […]

Tech News Today

  Blogging site closed over terrorist material Blogging site Blogetery has been shut down by its Web host. The FBI contacted the Web host about al-Qaeda information on the site. Some blogs allegedly contained bomb-making instructions and a hit list. Dvorak: Antennagate? Who Cares?! Columnist John C. Dvorak just doesn’t understand all of the to-do […]

AM Tech News

iPhone 4 sells out quickly The iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units in its first three days. That is the biggest product launch in Apple?s history. More would have been sold, but stores ran out. Amazon updates Kindle app … Note: Cross posted from ComputerNutz. Permalink