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Proof that rednecks are idiots: Redneck long jump

Here is proof that rednecks are stupid and that the dumb die young as this idiot in a pickup truck is trying to prove. Redneck Long Jump – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Steve Jobs basically committed suicide

Look, we loved Steve Jobs, but this is why the old Apple magic sometimes can be a problem.  If a doctor tells you something is wrong with you, do not try to treat it with freaking tea leaves and spirits. We go to court to take kids from parents who try that crap on them […]

Maybe it’s the parents, not the sponge, we call BS on this news story …

Poor SpongeBob. Back in 2005 he caught flak from a Christian evangelical group because its leader thought he was gay. Now a small new study suggests he could be turning preschoolers’ minds to mush. The study, published online Monday by the journal Pediatrics, found watching a snippet of a SpongeBob cartoon negatively affected 4-year-olds’ attention […]

Dogs are stupid

Proof that dogs are not as smart as we sometimes think they are.

More proof Fox News is stupid

I almost looked at the calendar to see if it was April 1st again, but no it’s just Fox News Houston affiliate aired the attached segment asking if TV is trying to turn our kids gay. Specifically they are referring to the Glee television show that features not one but GASP three or maybe even […]

Viral: Todays proof that the internet is stupid 1928 mobile phone meme

The latest internet meme that basically proves how stupid the internet is when taken as a whole is the woman in the old Charlie Chaplin film The Circus who the internet seems to think is talking on a cell phone. The prevailing internet conspiracy theory is that the woman is a time traveler, making a […]

Why the world says American’s are stupid.

If they’ve got GOJO posted at the beach for cleaning up after you’re done…. well, I’m pretty sure that’s a? good sign that you shouldn’t be playing on the beach. Idiots