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Site of the Day: The Perfect Five

A very cool concept. Five songs. Every week. One hyped, one, covered, one classic, one remixed, and one loved. Visit The Perfect Five

Site of the Day: Next American City

Next American City is a national quarterly magazine about making cities better. We observe, document and conceive realistic solutions about how to improve cities—how to ensure that future generations’ lives are improved, and not made more dangerous or unnecessarily complicated by the decisions we make. In each issue of the magazine you’ll find investigative features, […]

Site of the Day: Oh Life

The easiest way to keep a journal, online or offline. We all have had times where we wanted to keep a journal to remember what our days were like, but most of us can never stick with our journals for too long. Here is a site that makes it really easy to get in the […]

Site of the Day: 12 Events That Will Change Everything

This is a special rich-media presentation of the feature, "12 Events That Will Change Everything," which appears in the June 2010 issue of Scientific American. What dramatic new events are in store for humanity? Here we contemplate 12 possibilities and rate their likelihood of happening by 2050. Some will no doubt bring to mind long-standing […]

Site of the Day: Free Ebooks

Thanks to the Kindle, the nook and the iPad amongst many others, e-books readers are hot right now. People are discovering just how easy it is to tote a whole library of books with a reader, or even on your laptop with a dedicated reader. There are plenty of online stores where you can buy […]

Site of the Day:

Just some hilarious examples of painfully polite yet somehow very hostile writings from shared spaces all over the world. One example:   Visit for more

Site of the Day: Vancouver Film School Projects

Vancouver Film School students graduate with a portfolio project or demo reel designed to demonstrate their creative and technical abilities to potential employers and collaborators. These pieces are often the key factor in our students getting hired by internationally renowned companies like Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Electronic Arts. This site is a selection of outstanding student […]

Site of the Day: ESRI

Make your own maps at You can use demographic data for any area to create your very own custom area map. Lots of fun and very useful too.

Site of the Day: is an amazing site that is Paul Neave’s personal interactive playground; a place where he explores ideas and tries out risky experiments that he wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to make anywhere else. allows Paul to turn his daydreams into reality. You have to check out the unbelievable planetarium where you can explore […]

Site of the Day: Bacon Today

What could be better than a site devoted to the candy of meats. bacon. They have some amazing recipes such as Butterscotch & Bourbon Ice Cream With Bacon & Butter Toffee Chips and Chocolate Covered Bacon