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Amazon declares war on local retailers

Today Amazon takes its war on local retail to the next level actually enticing buyers to price shop and try things in local stores with their application and then giving them an additional 5% discount to buy with the app at the time. This is bordering on anti-competitive and really is starting to get ugly. […]

Thought of the Day: WTF IKEA

WTF IKEA, why cant I just go buy one damn thing. I enter the doors and suddenly I am sent into some kind of a rat maze and instead of cheese you give me damn meatballs at the end of the maze. Do you know how hard it is to find those damn meatballs? I […]

Nutty Shopping: The Wine Rack

Enhance your boobies and get your drank on with this bizarre bra. The Wine Rack Flask Bra can turn A’s into double Ds, all while replacing your drinking cup. Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too. Not to mention the savings on over priced drinks. This dual purpose, portable drinking device is perfect for […]

Site of the Day: Black Friday Deals

This Friday the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Stores want you to shop, so they offer huge discounts. You can save hundreds of dollars on your purchases. It’s a great way to save money on Christmas gifts. Today’s sites They post Black Friday circulars. You can get a sneak peek at the upcoming deals. […]