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Today’s Twitter Hottie: CharisB

Today’s Twitter hottie you should be following is Playboy’s Miss February Charis B She is funny, smart, and owns her own casting company, clothing line, and more. An amazing girl all around. Follow Charis Not only is she sexy, but she is funny and fun to follow as well. For example today she asked the […]

Pamela Anderson is 43 and still smokin’ hot

There can be a lot said about Pam Anderson, but at age 43 she still has a body that most women half her age would kill for. The former Playboy model turned actress is promoting an underwear for European lingerie company Bonita De Mas and these photos should go well towards that end as it […]

Idiotic Marketing 101

Today I got my issue of Playboy, Lizzy Jagger and Louis C.K. huh, this might be cool, but I cant even get past the unwrapping phase as I am too busy laughing at the money that had to be thrown away out of someone’s marketing budget. What in the world are the marketing geniuses at […]

Playboy’s ‘Tron’ Shoot Shows The Beauty Of ‘Grid’-Created Babes

  The new "Tron: Legacy," the sequel to the popular 1982 Disney flick, has inspired everything from a new line of toys to a working replica of the famed "lightcycle" to fat guys finally having an excuse to don painted spandex. This, however, tops them all. If you’ve ever wondered what perfect chicks looked like […]

Hump Day Hottie: Hiromi Oshima

The name might be hard to say, but Playboy’s Miss June, 2004 has kept busy modeling around the world, appearing in films such as The House Bunny and The Race to Witch Mountain, and representing the Pacific Rim with a level of sexiness that only she can.   More fantastic pictures of Ms Oshima on […]

Babes: Playmate Jaime Edmondson with Playboy’s NFL Playoff Picks

Despite her loyalty to the Miami Dolphins, whom she cheered for as a pro cheerleader for years, Jaime Edmondson (2010 January Playmate of the Month) took one for the team and made NFL gear of the 12 teams Playboy magazine picked to head to the playoffs look as sexy as ever. Though we may not […]

Viral: Relive the 80’s Playboy Style

What do you get when you mash up videos of the hottest girls with clips of your favorite ’80s movie moments? Boner Jamz: 1980s. Explosions, The Breakfast Club, bikinis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. No need to explain any further Via The Smoking Jacket