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Photo of the week

An AV-8B Harrier (right) assigned to Marine Attack Squadron 214 prepares for takeoff as another lands aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8) underway in the Pacific Ocean on Feb. 17, 2011. The Makin Island is conducting AV-8 operations in preparation for an upcoming deployment. Click for high res version DoD photo […]

Spider-Man costume reveal and title

Sony Pictures announced the title of the upcoming 3-D Spider-Man reboot (The Amazing Spider-Man) and released a new image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. Yes, this version has web-shooters! The Amazing Spider-Man hits theatres July 3rd, 2012 Note: Cross posted from EntertainmentNutz. Permalink

Picture of the Day – The Northern Lights

Auroras, also known as northern and southern (polar) lights or aurorae (singular: aurora), are natural light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar regions. They typically occur in the ionosphere. They are also referred to as polar auroras.