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Hammy Hanukah

  Some people…..  

Today’s Twitter Hottie: Brittanie Weaver

Today’s Twitter Babe you should be following is Brittanie Weaver. Have you ever noticed that every girl named Brittanie is hot as can be. This Brittanie is a student, model,actress, writer, and animal lover. She is fun to follow as she really lets you on the inside. Follow Brittany @BrittanieWeaver

Happy Birthday Hotties

Today’s Birthday Hotties for October 21st are everything from reality show queen to accomplished models, actresses, and musicians. Happy Birthday girls!   Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian is 31 today and her behind is 31.5 Actress Charlotte Sullivan ("Rookie Blue," "Smallville") is 28 Model Amber Rose is 28 She is sexy in a kind of […]

Cameron Diaz is still the hottest Angel

The new Charlie’s Angels sucks badly and shouldn’t be around for long, but one thing that doesn’t suck is Cameron Diaz. She is still rocking her hot body as shown in July’s InStyle magazine photo shoot.  We are including a picture below of Cameron from 1999 shooting of Charlie’s Angels for proof. The new girls […]

Twitter Photo of the Day

Heather is a Texas blonde bombshell who aspires to be a playmate. She is a fantastic tweeter so follow her @heathero14

Twitter Photo of the Day

Today we have a beautiful beach shot from MacupeaceOK

Twitter Photo of the Day

Compliments of Ms Tierra Lee

Phoenix IS the dust bowl tonight

Holy crap now this is a dust storm A massive dust storm has swept into the Phoenix area and drastically reduced visibility there. The FAA said on its website that Phoenix-bound flights from Las Vegas and LA weren’t allowed to leave those airports until 9 p.m. Tuesday. Video:

Twitter Photo of the Day

What can we say other than @daphnejoy is amazing in this swimsuit

Babe: Marisa Miller

The American supermodel is not just super hot, but is intelligent as well she has a great website and blogs regularly about things such as surfing, tsunamis and more as well as being a spokesperson for the SPCA, and is also a spokesperson for Cancer and the USO. What we know for sure is that […]