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March Movie Watch

Here comes the Spring. March used to be where they put the movies that were just not quite ready for Summer status, but lately some blockbusters have been trying to beat the Summer rush and this year is no exception so here are our five picks for the March releases and what we think about […]

This Weekend at the Movies

A choice between the visually striking Immortals and a horrendous Jack and Jill is easy to make.     Immortals – 3D EN 5 Second Review: This movie was great fun to watch in 3D. Kind of like 300 light done in 3D. That said, it’s not a great movie, but a great diversion. Visually […]

NFL Computerized Game Predictor: Week 4

We enter week 4 with just three undefeated teams, two of those could have their first loss this weekend leaving only the Chiefs standing. Are we in some kind of an alternate universe here. The Bears should have their hands full on the road against a Giants team that is capable of ending their run […]

NFL Computerized Game Predictor Week 3

NFL Computerized Game Predictor Week 3 Week 1 was insane week 2 just got crazier with the quarterback shuffles that have followed (about one-fourth of teams have a different quarterback under center than they did two weeks ago). Does Ryan Fitzpatrick even have a reputation? What rumors have you heard about Bruce Gradkowski?  That’s why […]

NFL Computerized Predictor Week Two

  NFL Computerized Predictor Week Two with bonus parlay picks. Week two is upon us and its time to get the NFL computerized predictor rolling. There are some great games to go and even the games that may not be so good have some good storylines, the Philly Detroit game for example has Vick starting […]