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This Weekend at the Movies

For the first time in a while, there is not a new release we can recommend this week in wide release. Take the time to catch up on some good movies on Netflix or DVD, but stay away from Saw 3D whatever you do. To tide you over here is the trailer for something that […]

This week at the Movies

This week’s pick in the wide releases is RED. RED may not be the best movie we have seen all year, but it is the most fun we have had at the theater this year. Also in wide release is the very good, but very Lifetime movie of the week like Conviction and then there […]

This Weekend at the Movies

This week’s pick in the wide releases is Secretariat (2010) Disney’s latest far outpaces subpar horror My Soul to Take and yet another bland Duhamel and Heigl romantic comedy in Life as We Know It. more on

Freeware Pick of the Week – Copernic

  Copernic may be one of the lesser-known desktop search programs, but it plays with the big boys. It will help you find documents, PDF files, spreadsheets, pictures, e-mail, music, and much more. It doesn’t have the overhead that both Microsoft and Google give with their desktop search programs and that can be a good […]