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Our kind of parade

More than 350 Bikini-clad women in Australia (357 to be exact) have set a new Guinness World Record for the largest bikini parade. The previous record was 33, and it was set in the Cayman Islands last year. We here in the US really need to get in on this action, it beats wall street […]

Britney pisses off English fuddy-duddies

Oh for christ sakes Brits, get over yourselves. There is quite an uproar in jolly old England over a video shoot that has Britney Spears carrying a fake gun. Now the counsel of Hackney East London wants Brit to make a donation to make up for the “rudeness and damage” she has done to the […]

City council admits having no zombie attack plan.

Scarily, the Leicester, UK City Council has been forced to make the bizarre admission that it has no emergency plan of how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. After receiving a Freedom of Information request from a "concerned citizen" the local authority had to reveal how they would protect residents from the undead. The FOI […]

Odd News: Fat Girl Beauty Contest

Twenty-one Israeli women show off their curves in a beauty pageant designed for fat contestants.