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Miley gets hot in Prestige Magazine

It’s getting ridiculous, Miley Cyrus now looks like a 25 year old fashion diva. When does it become acceptable to look at her like the hottie she has become. She’s still just 18 though and since we can’t get the Hannah Montana image out of our heads it just leaves us dazed and confused, looking […]

Miley looks good in a bikini… and Mom does too

Miley took a little break in Milan to go beachin with mom and they both look pretty fantastic. The apple apparently doesn’t fall too far from the tree here as Miley Cyrus in a bikini looks a lot like mom in a bikini. On a side note, who knew Tish was a Hells Angel?

Miley looking fantastic all grown up

I just hope that she does not end up like many of the other young actresses we have seen grow up, but we must admit that Miley looks fantastic all grown up in this months Marie Claire magazine.