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Monday Links

  Wallpaper of the Day Beautiful Lenticular Cloud Reflection at sunset Disaster in Pictures The gulf disaster told through hi-res photos. Cool and scary. Freebie of the Day Free LaCoste Cologne Why the A-Team is a cultural icon With the movie coming out, its time to catch up with the A-Team legend Photo of the […]

Weekend Link Smorgasbord

  Cool online only show – Reinvent the Wheels Watch as these contestants get to work with professional garages and compete to see who can build a car that will help build their careers. Very neat concept well done. Free Eukerin Skin Lotion Sample Free for the asking. Rabbit is 50 lbs and over 4ft […]

Links for Wednesday

  Tiny Apartment Becomes 24 Rooms Hong Kong is crowded, but check out this tiny 344 square foot apartment that is user friendly, livable, and eco friendly 7 Crazy Minor League Baseball Promotions These aren’t from days gone by, but actual current weird promotions. 6 Cool F-14 Tomcat Wallpapers Grumman F-14 Tomcat Wallpapers Why We […]

Tuesday Links

Over 15 photos of amazing facials In honor of the NBA playoffs. What were you thinking. 11 things you shouldn’t be able to buy on the internet We said shouldn’t, they are all for sale. People Vs. Glass Doors The doors win 9 Weird Items Left Behind at Hotels From babies to Corpses and everything […]

Links for Monday

  Ohio Breastfeeding Billboard offends some Cleveland Ohio hates boobies. Really. Simpsons support South Park in Muhammed Flap If only they weren’t so scared. 10 Twitter accounts for all men to follow Our wives follow some of these too. Slow Motion Explosions! Just cool, you can see the sonic booms.

Weekend Link Smorgasbord

  3 Women busted getting high in courthouse bathroom They were in court for… drugs of course. Radical Islamists attacks Triscuits and Gawker Gawker we can understand, but Triscuits. Come on everyone loves Triscuits. South Korea is not going to retaliate for the sinking of its ship Pussies. Bolivia is putting coca leaves in Coca-Colla. […]

Wednesday Links

10 Fast Foods Worse for you than the KFC Double Down 3 of them have the audacity to call themselves salads. Man Selling Ad Space on Urn Tacky yet delightfully refined. Top Ten Paying Jobs for Women CNN Lies! I know a stripper, a cocktail waitress, and a bartender who would be 3, 7, and […]

Tuesday Links

4/20 on Wikipedia Lots of stuff I didn’t know about 4/20 or weed day ‘Happy 420’? How Did Marijuana Holiday Get its Name? Has someone wished you a Happy 420 today? Norml – National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws I am somewhat amazed that potheads could get this organized Pot Smokers Out, Proud […]

Links for Monday

Surgeon cut off testicle ‘by mistake’ at Bury hospital Oops, didn’t mean to make that cut Why Kick Ass didn’t do great at the box office A good explanation of the hurdles this subgenre faces Heidi Montag Barbie in her bikini Sorry she just looks overdone now, used to be cute

Site of the Day

The virtual piano is exactly what it sounds like, a great online keyboard that you can use to explore your musical abilities. For seasoned musicians, you can use the keyboard to transpose music any key to help you write songs. For everyone else, you can get lost for hours playing on here and you can […]