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Elementary Kid inspires us all to be better.

Leave it to the kids of America to show us all how we should live our lives and treat each other. Check out this group of youngsters and parents at this elementary school field day and think about that the next time you want to quit something or think that there is no good left […]

Jimmy Kimmel is an asshole

Some things are funny, and some are just mean. Jimmy Kimmel after his Halloween trick decided now he should ruin Christmas for kids all over the country.   Who the hell are these parents that put their kids through this in the name of giving Kimmel some ratings using their children’s hurt feelings.   The […]

Rant: Individualism and activism are dying in our schools

I love boobies. A simple statement that is getting very popular with high school students these days as the non profit Keep A Breast Foundation has created rubber bracelets, lanyards, and other merchandise that is increasing awareness of breast cancer at an unbelievable pace amongst the youth of America. Schools are banning them across the […]

Talk to your kids about Star Wars PSA

The more you know… Star Wars fan dads discuss how they will talk to their kids about Star Wars.

Cute Overdose: 6 Year old skateboarder shreds

This kid is amazing, Asher Bradshaw is 6 years old and been skateboarding for 14 months. At 6, I am pretty sure I was having trouble chewing gum while riding my bike. Asher can probably do that I bet.

Cute Overdose: 3 Year old chick magnet dances to Billy Jean

Check out all the girls in the background. This cute kid is already a chick magnet. Watch out when he gets a little older. He will take your girl.

Cute Overdose: Lights Camera Jackson is a somewhat cute, somewhat creepy Kid Movie Reviewer

Jackson Murphy, is an 11-year-old film critic with a winning smile and a creepily adult-like delivery of informed, kid-friendly film reviews. It’s strange to see this kid doing reviews sounding like Roger Ebert back in the day. He also is becoming almost a hated meme on the internet with people either loving or hating Jackson […]

Cute Overdose: A Message about Tigers from Dick Van Dyke

You know Dick Van Dyke is just cute. Tigers are cute, and little kids are cute. This video raising money for tigers is the trifecta of cuteness.