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Kate Upton’s… ummmm… Talents

GQ has now released the official video from their hot photo shoot and its called “The Many Talents of Kate Upton”. We dont know so much if talents is the right word, but we are going to enjoy this video anyway.

Kate Upton’s Swimsuit Video

Kate Upton’s SI Swimsuit Videos have hit the web and they are just as hot as you think they are.   More Video after the break

SI Cover Leak: Kate Upton

Thank goodness we get a real woman this year and not those underfed models from past years. Here is the cover leaked today.

Kate Upton bounces all over the stage

Well, I always thought I would be bored to tears at a fashion show. I admit I was wrong as Kate Upton broke out her catwalk this weekend at Mercedes Benz fashion week and showed that fashion week is not just for fashionistas anymore. kate-upton-catwalk-beach-bunny-lingerie via egotastic