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Gulf of Mexico to be renamed Gulf of America

Sounds far fetched doesn’t it. Not so far fetched as there is now a satirical bill pending in Mississippi to do just that. Representative Stephen Holland introduced a bill to rename the Gulf of Mexico to Gulf of America.   It seems that so many Republicans in Mississippi want to eliminate all things Mexican that […]

Idiocracy: The MPAA, RIAA, Supervillains, Homeland Security, and the law. Where are we headed?

It’s a strange world we internet denizens are living in today, one in which it is perfectly legal for Chris Dodd to threaten to end the bribes to politicians if they do not act as he and the MPAA wish. Dodd actually appeared on Fox News to warn Obama and senators that if they did […]

Idiocracy: It costs 2.4 cents to make a penny and 11.2 cents to make a nickel

OK this is just crazy and shows just how stupid we are. The cost for the US Mint to produce and distribute the penny and nickel rose to their highest levels of all time, and are now more than double the respective face values. That’s right, it costs more than twice as much to make […]

The good news is that you wont catch on fire… the bad news is your Mountain Dew has flame retardant in it

  It turns out that that gamer fuel your teenager has been drinking is loaded with BVO. That’s brominated vegetable oil which is a flame retardant for plastics.  It’s banned in places like Europe and Japan, but here in the good old USA we get it not only in our foam furniture cushions and plastics […]

Idiocracy: Land of the Hungry

This last week there has been a focus on the national food stamp program following the horrible 7 hour standoff and suicide murder of the Rachelle Grimmer family in Texas. The family was having trouble with the bureaucracy getting their food stamp case heard and Ms. Grimmer reached the end of her apparently short and […]

Idiocracy: Predator drones now used for US law enforcement… US Constitution cries

Now we are flying predators from an Air Force Base in North Dakota to help local police with surveillance and serving warrants. Welcome to the nightmare. Our constitution may as well be used as toilet paper anymore.   Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke went looking for six missing cows on the Brossart family farm in […]

The US is starting to look a lot like the Middle East

It’s amazing how much these protests look exactly like the protests in the “Arab Spring”  Regardless of your political feelings, the parallels are there. Watch as hundreds of police officers in riot gear raided Zuccotti Park in New York, evicting dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters from what has become the epicenter of the worldwide […]

See we told you right wingers weren’t racists.

Just watch how Ann Coulter says our blacks are better than their blacks. See, not racist at all.   Related articles Whoopi Addresses Ann Coulter’s Latest Racist Comment, Puts Her In Her Place! ( JON STEWART: Even I’m Offended By Ann Coulter And (According To Trump) I’m A Racist! ( Ann Coulter Defends “Our Blacks […]

Pat Robertson calls the Republican base too far right… no kidding

  You know you are way to the right once you get to the right of the 700 club. On the latest installment of The 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson admitted that even he believes many in the Republican Party have shifted too far to the right.   Robertson was a co-founder of the Christian […]

Oakland Cops attack and injure protesters. Where again is our no-fly zone?

President Obama, it is time for you to stop these actions. Regardless of how anyone feels about the protesters, actions like these make us look the exact same as the regime’s that we imposed no fly zones on. Are we no better than the regimes in the middle east? Apparently the answer is no.   […]