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Google Music Leaves Beta, introduces music purchasing to Android shop and gives independent artists a boost

  Google announced Wednesday the launch of a new music service in partnership with three major record companies, a service that will compete directly with Apple and Amazon to sell music directly to consumers and allow them to access songs from any PC or Android-based mobile device, but goes a step farther by allowing users […]

Do No Evil My Ass…. just How Evil is Google

Opinion Michael Larson We have been saying for years that Google’s famous mantra of “Do No Evil” went out the door long ago when it started answering to shareholders. That is the job of a corporation, to make money for its stockholders so there is not necessarily anything wrong with that, but the PR mantra […]

More signs of the evil that is our Google overlord

Google spent a lot of time convincing us that their motto of “Do no Evil” was real. now our overlords continue to defy the common myth of that motto with their actions. Now Google is blocking torrent searches from instant results, because you know that is like the worst thing on the internet.… Note: Cross […]

Google vs the World… next up for destruction: Skype

U.S. based Gmail users will now be able to place and receive phone calls directly from the Gmail interface. Calls placed to U.S. and Canadian-based numbers are free, and if you need to make international calls, the rates are extremely cheap. It was fun while it lasted Skype. Google has some deep pockets, and although […]

Site of the Day: Google Reader Play

A fun, fast way to browse the most interesting stuff on the web, personalized just for you. It takes your Google reader stuff and randomizes it in a cool player. Its fun to just surf through as a time killer. You will find all kinds of interesting things this way.

A Win for Flash in the Jobs vs. Flash War as Hulu says no to HTML 5

The internet is starting to answer in Apple’s fight against Flash, and for now, Flash is winning in two major battlegrounds. Hulu which is one of the largest video content providers in America has sided with Flash for now due to HTML 5’s limitations. Hulu stated in a blog post on 6-13-2010 “We continue to […]

MIA – Born Free

Warning, this video by M.I.A. is extremely disturbing and features graphic violence. We don’t care for it much personally even though it does send a message, but that’s besides the point. The point is that it is art. You may not like it any more than we do, that means you don’t have to hit […]

Google Developing Ipad Killer

Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, has confirmed that Google is currently developing a tablet device based on its Android operating system. It’s rumored that Google is teaming up once again with HTC—the same company that brought users the Nexus One. And Google has already confirmed it will be launching an e-book store in the next few […]