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16 And Well Adjusted

What happens when you are the only non-pregnant 16 year old in school? Reality shows "16 And Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" have shown the trials and tribulations associated with having a child before you’re ready, but they’ve turned a blind eye to the girls who are increasingly finding themselves in the minority. We speak of […]

Difference Makers: Patrick Rodgers

Quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen as Stephen Colbert takes on vampires

Best Pre Race Prayer Ever! Heck the best prayer ever.

Now this guy would make me want to go to church, The church of the almighty GM Boogedy Boogedy Yeeha

I know they call getting married taking the plunge, but this is ridiculous

Josh falls 4 stories off building proposing to fiancée– his poor fiancée, Brooke practically had a heart attack. This is probably viral marketing, but its really cool nonetheless.

Parkour dogs

Parkour is cool and stupid and useless all at the same time, especially when done by dogs!

This dude needs a change of underwear

When you are driving a funny car at something like 200 mph, having the steering wheel come off in your hand has to be the biggest oh crap moment imaginable. Check it out.

Some perspective on Facebook

If a stranger asked you the same questions that Facebook does, what would you say? Imagine you’re at the mall one day, happily shopping around when all of a sudden, someone walks up to you and starts asking you questions like what your sexual preference is; what your email address is; what your telephone number […]

Poor poor lamp

We have talked about IKEA before, this is a classic commercial of theirs that is simple, yet somehow funny and endearing. One of the better commercials of all time, shame everything IKEA has is crap.

A Rap Ode to Wal-Mart

WTF, I thought with my daily trip around the web I had seen it all, then I came across this little gem. A rapper and his bootie shaking dancers wander the isles of Wal-Mart and goes completely insane with lyrics like “she buyin Summer’s Eve, she keep her body clean” making me long for the […]

WTF Disney

I have been sitting around with my kids watching Disney movies for the last few days and I am really starting to wonder about these Disney “lessons” Sleeping Beauty married a stranger who kissed her Robin Hood is a thief Pinocchio is a liar Snow White lives alone with 7 strange men Tarzan runs around […]