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Wednesday Night Linkapalooza

The Gulf of Mexico will probably bounce back a lot quicker than people think. Wallpaper: Miranda Kerr  This is why latex condoms are very very scary. Viral Video – Major League Groin Shot Awesome: The Movie: Quite possibly the best fake movie trailer ever. Nothing but hot girls, guns and shit blowing up UFO shuts […]

Fun Links for Monday

Innocent Or Not, Columbus Residents are Paying For Red Light Tickets According to Columbus policy, a driver has to pay $95 to have a hearing.  If the driver does not pay, he or she loses.  If he or she pays late, the payment rises to $120 and the driver could wind up at collections. If […]

Fun Link Review for Wednesday

Beavis and Butthead are back! – Celebration time is here. Tech News Today – Recap of today’s hottest tech news Idiocracy – Do quails on crack make risky decisions? Now, there’s a $181,406 government grant to find out. Your government at work. Freebie – Mushroom Face Stuff! – OK, it supposedly works great, but we […]

Monday Links

  Marisa Miller for Harley Like Harley’s weren’t hot enough already Wallpaper: Carina Nebula Towers of cool hydrogen laced with dust rise from the wall of the nebula. Cool. Will Ferrell Gets Ejected from Baseball Game After drinking a beer and brushing back the first batter he faced… Picture: Rockefeller Center A new perspective of […]

Wednesday Links

10 Fast Foods Worse for you than the KFC Double Down 3 of them have the audacity to call themselves salads. Man Selling Ad Space on Urn Tacky yet delightfully refined. Top Ten Paying Jobs for Women CNN Lies! I know a stripper, a cocktail waitress, and a bartender who would be 3, 7, and […]

Links for Friday

Crazy Tax Deductions The most imaginative deductions allowed, ranging from cat food to a casualty loss for a vehicle totaled by a drunk driver Angel of Death Complete Movie Comic book legend Ed Brubaker (“Criminal”) tells the story of Eve (Zoe Bell) a stoic assassin whose life takes a turn when a hit goes bad […]

Links for Tuesday

  Drunk Driving is Drunk Driving ”How many times I gotta tell you you cant be driving down the road drinking on a lawnmower” The 10 Coolest Water Powered Cars These are hydrogen powered cars that I could get used to driving. Nicole Brewer Is One of the Hottest Cheerleaders This LA Clippers Cheerleader is […]