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Todays Freebie: Free Seattle’s Best Coffee

Wal-Mart is offering up a FREE coffee sample! Just head on over here to score a FREE 1.75 oz sample of Seattle’s Best Coffee! Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Today’s Freebie: Free Tacos!

Don’t forget today is free taco day at Jack in the Box! On Tuesday, November 16 after 2:00 pm you can use two free tacos at Jack in the Box (no coupon required). No other purchase is necessary. Enjoy your free tacos!

Site of the Day: Mixoloseum

Wow, this is an amazing resource for those who mix drinks (mixologists) or just those who like to imbibe (me!) You can search by name, ingredient, or category of drinks and learn all kinds of stuff about drinks and how to make them.

Our Shameful McRib Obsession

There are two parts of the pig that the internet loves.  Bacon and the somewhat pork related and somehow rib-like McRib. Why do we love the McRib? The McRib is not made from ribs; heck, some would argue it’s not even food, yet the McDonald’s sandwich has inspired intense loyalty and a bizarre mystique. Our […]

Viral: The Food Network we really want to see

The folks over at funny or die present the Food Network as if it were invented by men. Sure Giada is hot, and Rachel is cute but they don’t hold a candle to FCN. FCN, where the smoking hot chefs will make your mouth water. F*@#able Chefs Network – watch more funny videos

Freebie: Get a free sample of Quaker Life soft baked bars

Score a FREE sample of Quaker Life Soft Baked bars thanks to Walmart! You can choose from cinnamon roll raisin pecan or banana walnut bread! Yummy! Get your free sample!

Freebie: Free Queso and Chips from Chili’s

Join Chili’s Email Club to get the latest happenings, exclusive offers, and a FREE order of Skillet Queso & Chips.

Deal of the Day: Tailgaters special – Crock Pot Trio

Stainless Steel Crock Pot Trio Stainless Steel Buy it now for $69.99 with free shipping  (List Price: $99.99) This is an amazing tailgaters dream. Great for any party or gathering, this crock pot trio allows you to set up your buffet in style. Great for entertaining or for preparing an entire meal, complete with main […]

Freebie: Brain Energy Drink

BriteShot® is the healthy brain performance drink for your brain. It’s that added boost before the meeting, the test, the hectic day as a mom—whenever you want to be at your peak performance. Request your free sample of BriteSHOT Brain Performance Drink

Freebie: Cheetos Zingers

Head on over to snackready and score a FREE sample of Cheetos Mighty Zingers + a coupon! This offer is on the lower right hand side and you’ll need to register or login to your account. You should receive your free sample in 4-6 weeks. Get your Cheetos!