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BK FTW with it’s new Bacon Sundae

Weighing in at a hearty 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar, this tasty mass market bacon dessert features vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon. We are calling a winner in the fast food wars for now and it is Burger King. How does […]

The good news is that you wont catch on fire… the bad news is your Mountain Dew has flame retardant in it

  It turns out that that gamer fuel your teenager has been drinking is loaded with BVO. That’s brominated vegetable oil which is a flame retardant for plastics.  It’s banned in places like Europe and Japan, but here in the good old USA we get it not only in our foam furniture cushions and plastics […]

What happens to your mind on too much caffeine

I admit it, I am a caffeine fiend. I drink around 6 bottles of coca-cola daily and coffee or tea on top of that. If I could do a cola bong I would. Basically I figure any day now my heart will just explode. But it is all worth it because as you can see […]

Ketchup for douchebags

  “Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended with Balsamic Vinegar,” will sell for a buck more than regular ketchup. It’s so special that it has a black label and comes in a glass bottle.   Congrats to Heinz for appealing to the douchebag demographic that is so currently underserved.   No word yet if it will come […]

We declare this bar none, the best food truck in the world

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream is a brand new, late-into-the-night truck staffed by attractive ladies ranging from Maxim models to Hooters gals, all hatched by a south Florida photographer and his model girlfriend after a post-drinking quest for ice cream was a complete bust, making it very similar to the staff of this truck.   Chocolate 3sum, […]

Holy Crap, The Banana Apocalypse Is Coming

You just love eating bananas from the supermarket, right? Well, you better get your fill because a fungal infection is threatening to wipe out the yellow fruit that we all take for granted. Most of the world’s banana crop is the Cavendish variety of the fruit, which replaced the previous type, Gros Michel, after that […]

Fried Butter on a Stick… Yum… I think

Boy do they know how to eat in Iowa. It’s state fair fried food season and in Iowa they really know how to do it up as celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Iowa State Fair’s life size butter cow sculpture. Food reporter Eric Hanson ate some and reports here on the results. New Fair […]

Cheesy Poofs are coming!

Yea biatch, Cheesy Poofs are coming! We have been waiting for years and finally after much begging, Cheesy Poofs are coming to Wal-Mart. In honor of South Park‘s 15th season, Comedy Central, in conjunction with Frito-Lay, will begin selling Cheesy Poofs on August 28 in Wal-Mart stores across the country. They will be available through […]

Bacon Porn: Bacon Popcorn!

Lets see how can we take a fairly healthy food and turn it into something good… I know add bacon! Everything is better with bacon First things’ first, crisp that bacon in a large saucepan, or dutch oven. When the bacon is sizzling hot, and crisp to your heart’s content, remove the bacon from the […]

Now this is how you sell orange juice

I’m not even completely sure what they are selling, it appears to be an orange beverage of some type, but I also do not care. I want some. nomnom