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Photo of the Day: Noctilucent Clouds – Sun Voyager, Reykjavík, Iceland

The Aurora forecast on the 6th of August was predicting extreme Aurora activity. Even though it was very early August and the night would not get fully dark I went out as the Aurora can be seen in deep twilight conditions. I saw the Aurora for a 1-2 minutes that night. I did not get […]

Twitter Photo of the Day: Saraely Maldonado

Not only can we not pronounce Saraely, we cant read a damn thing on her twitter page @saraemt not that it matters, what matters is she looks like this and is our featured Twitter Babe today.

Twitter Photo of the Day

Compliments of Ms Tierra Lee

Twitter Photo of the Day

Jessica-Jane Clement brings us a beautiful swim shot check her out at @MisJessicaJane

Coldplay–Christmas Lights

Tis the season and throughout the month we will feature different Christmas music, stories and such. Today it is the new Coldplay Video – Christmas Lights ColdPlay–Christmas Lights