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Cute Overdose: Meerkat Rejected by Bad Parents

Nature is weird. This cuddly little guy was rejected by his parents and has taken to cuddling with humans who have taken care of him. Good thing he was not born in the wild or he would not have survived.

Cute Overdose: Dog mows lawn

This is what we call a cool attitude. This dog doesn’t mind taking over the lawn mowing duties at all. He’s just cruising along, paws on the wheel, sitting like a person. When he rides by, you can practically hear him saying the most familiar dog utterance there is: "Sup?

Cute Overdose

This sulcata tortoise named Shakespeare, likes to rearrange his patio every summer. here he’s trying to find the perfect location for an old bbq. He’s not stuck…just stubborn. He moves the bbq to a new spot every day.

Porcupine thinks he is a puppy

This 5 year old male was a pet in a home, and now lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. He obviously does not remember the wild.

Cute Overdose

Great video of a dog and baby playing together and having too much fun. Cute Dog and Baby Play Together – Watch more Videos at Vodpod. Note: Cross posted from DailyBuddy. Permalink

Cat ignoring Turtle

Cute Overdose – Dora the Explorer starring in Inception: Incepción Trailer

Today’s Cute Overdose

Today we feature something so cute it will make you sick. Anjana the Chimp with Baby Puma Friend Sierra Note: Cross posted from DailyBuddy. Permalink