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Cute Overdose: Priest Skateboarding

It doesn’t get much cuter than this Priest trying to attract youth to the church through the power of his badass skateboarding.

Cute Overdose: Cats and Dogs Love Peanut Butter

We all know dogs love peanut butter and are funny to watch. Here cats and dogs both share some peanut butter.

Cute Overdose: Baby Otter taking its first swim

This baby otter learning to swim is today’s Cute Overdose. He is so cute and also looks very tasty.

Cute Overdose: Lights Camera Jackson is a somewhat cute, somewhat creepy Kid Movie Reviewer

Jackson Murphy, is an 11-year-old film critic with a winning smile and a creepily adult-like delivery of informed, kid-friendly film reviews. It’s strange to see this kid doing reviews sounding like Roger Ebert back in the day. He also is becoming almost a hated meme on the internet with people either loving or hating Jackson […]

Cute Overload: Kids singing

Kid Brothers Darius, Demetrice and Jayden Sing Like Soon-to-be-Pros Their home videos are evidence of raw talent and the footage will probably cost a fafillion dollars in an auction someday. These boys are charming, adorable and can they ever sing.

Cute Overload: Grandma Breakdancing

Grandma Tracy breakdancing at Mad Decent NYC block party Break out the fannypacks, there is a new dance queen in town.

Cute Overdose: Video – What happens when you feed baby chicks skittles.

Taste the deep fried rainbow. Seriously these are cute little guys dyed up with food dye for some unknown reason, but they certainly are funky chickens

Cute Overdose

Kittens cannot fly, heck this kitten cant even jump very well.

Cute Overdose: The Most Powerful Voice in the World

Musician Tristan Clopet (of Tristan Clopet & The Juice) made a cute video in which he sings the blues to a plant and makes the flowers sprout by using nothing but his delicious dulcet tones. The best part of it is Tristan and the camera operator’s amazingly fake surprise.

Cute Overdose: The gayest cop we have ever seen.

OK face it, this dancing Swedish cop is just cute and he obviously has a license to party. If you are planning on stealing anything, my advice is to go to Switzerland to do it.