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Elementary Kid inspires us all to be better.

Leave it to the kids of America to show us all how we should live our lives and treat each other. Check out this group of youngsters and parents at this elementary school field day and think about that the next time you want to quit something or think that there is no good left […]

2012 Trends forecast

  This video showcases the hottest trends of 2012 and forecasts what you will see. Trendreports is a paid service that crowdsources the trends and has been very prescient in the past on what is going to be happening soon.   Check out the complete report over at

Real life Tron Lightcyle

This may be the coolest, most unnecessary thing ever, behold a short video of the full scale Tron Lightcycle driving in the daytime as well as nighttime. This bike has had extensive reworking on the body as well as Lithium Ion batteries and a 96volt electric motor. Even cooler, they are going to give this […]

Heartwarming: Fallen Navy SEAL’s Dog Refuses to Leave Master’s Side at Funeral

Petty Officer Jon Tumilson’s dog Hawkeye refused to leave his side, even in death. Thirty-five year old Tumilson died in the chopper crash in Afghanistan that killed 21 Navy SEALs earlier this month. Hawkeye, his devoted Labrador Retriever, remained Tumilson’s casket throughout his funeral, keeping a watchful eye on his friend. Watch the latest video […]

Prism Cool amateur sci/fi short

This is a fantastic short film that shows how far we have come in a short time with amateur film making. From all appearances it will not be long until these young talents will be able to compete with what we are seeing at the multiplex. Actually we are there already as this is way […]

What you think of as solid….

When you look at a drum set, you know the drums are stretched skins so they are not a hard solid surface, but surprisingly neither is a cymbal. Check this out at 1000 frames per second as the cymbal seems to be somewhere between a solid and a liquid.

Diving beautiful Antarctica

This is an amazing clip of the beauty of Antarctica as seen on Darek Sepiolo’s trip around the world where he dove all 7 continents. The starkness and beauty are amazing as is the score which is inspired by Hans Zimmer’s music from “The Thin Red Line” Antarctica from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

Cool: Elephant helps tornado victims

When there is a disaster like the one of the tornadoes that have hit Joplin, Missouri, everyone comes together to pitch in and do what they can, animal and human alike Video: Elephant Helps Clear Tornado Debris

Richard Branson launches a sub, but is it actually big enough to hold his ego?

British billionaire Richard Branson unveiled Virgin Oceanic on Tuesday, a new "flying" mini-submarine the adventurer says will take him down to the furthest depths of the oceans and set multiple world records. Related articles Sir Richard Branson unveils plan to pilot mini-submarine to deepest point of every ocean ( Richard Branson takes on the deep-sea […]

Azureus Rising

This is a really cool animated short proof of concept and all I can say is I want to see this movie! Pure awesome epic 720 HD