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2012 Lingerie Bowl Commercial

Damn these chicks aren’t just hot, they are laying down some smackdowns on the field. I haven’t ever watched this, but I just might have to check it out this year. 2012 Lingerie Bowl Commercial (Extended Directors Cut) from LFL Films on Vimeo.

Now this is how you sell orange juice

I’m not even completely sure what they are selling, it appears to be an orange beverage of some type, but I also do not care. I want some. nomnom

Poor poor lamp

We have talked about IKEA before, this is a classic commercial of theirs that is simple, yet somehow funny and endearing. One of the better commercials of all time, shame everything IKEA has is crap.

Viral: Russian Aviation Commercial

This Russian commercial for Avianova features four sexy stewardesses washing an Avianova plane. Sorry: four sexy flight attendants. Because I’m sure they actually work as flight attendants, and that Avianova flight attendants actually strip down to bikinis to wash the planes after every flight. I think I may want to move to Russia or at […]