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Kim Kardashian: 3D Cover Girl

Kim K showed off her hourglass shape in an array of sexy outfits, including an all-in-one lace bodysuit complete with sky high Christian Louboutin black heels. in new magazine World’s Most Beautiful. The publication hit the newsstands today and from the looks of things, it could be a hot seller. Go pick up an issue […]

Rihanna lets it all hang out for Carnival

Once again more proof that other countries have better holidays than us as Rihanna let it all hang out for Kadooment day. I have no idea what kadooment day is, but I want to go.

Those are amazing flotation devices Coco

Ice T’s wife has a job now on her own reality show, but if that doesn’t work out she can always just hire herself out as a flotation device on random boats.

What is Leann Rimes like 50 now?

I saw these pictures and had to go look up her birth date. 1982!  WTF is she in some kind of reverse aging machine because she looks older than my mom in these photos. Her body is still smokin’,although she looks like she could use a biscuit or something, but the rest of her has […]

Katy Perry goes redhead and redhot in a little bikini

Our unquenchable Katy Perry obsession continues as this week finds Katy as a red hot redhead in a itsy bitsy teeny weeny pink polka dot bikini. The braids, the red hair, and the pink polka dots combine to form one perfect specimen. [imagebrowser id=6] Thumbs [nggallery id=6]

Leann Rimes just gets better with age

Like a fine wine, Leann looks better now than ever. Here is the photographic evidence Leann then as a young girl releasing Blue   Leann now on holiday a month after tying the knot in Malibu, Calif., LeAnn Rimes and new husband Eddie Cibrian got their honeymoon on and Leann is just smokin’ hot.

Leonardo WTF is wrong with you?

Bar Refaeli posted a pic the other day and as for us, we just cannot figure out what is exactly wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio for letting this get away from him. The 25-year-old model lay back on a cream leather couch aboard a super yacht in a black triangle bikini top and string pink and […]

Amy Childs–Britain’s version of Snookie

We are always trying to educate the public, so here are the facts on Amy Childs. It is not just the US where reality television rules. Across the pond they have a show called The Only Way Is Essex (Towie for short don’t ask us why). Towie follows the lives of young adults: Mark Wright, […]

Miley looks good in a bikini… and Mom does too

Miley took a little break in Milan to go beachin with mom and they both look pretty fantastic. The apple apparently doesn’t fall too far from the tree here as Miley Cyrus in a bikini looks a lot like mom in a bikini. On a side note, who knew Tish was a Hells Angel?

Angelina cheating on Brad with women

Juicy gossip from ABC News. We could care less actually, although the excuse to post pictures is just too good to pass up. If you make it past the pictures the ABC News report is at the bottom   The ABC News Report