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TV Bites – Books: The Original TV

OPINION By Neena Louise I was on the phone with my sister one evening, lamenting the lack of watchable television. As we both went through the hundreds of channels available to us, we just kept saying "nah…nah" to everything that was on. Frustrated, I finally said "Oh, screw it. I’ll read instead. There are always […]

Deal of the Day: 101 Places to NOT See Before You Die just $7.60

Today’s deal is Catherine Price’s 101 Places Not to See Before You Die turns the bucket-list notion upside down, compiling her own true-life travel horror stories along with contributions from Rebecca Solnit, Michael Pollan, A. J. Jacobs, and others into a hilariously intoxicating tonic for the close of summer vacation season. Grab a copy today […]

Site of the Week – Feedbooks

  Finding a good book isn’t always easy. You could forage through a bookstore. Or you might have luck scouring Amazon. But you’ll usually be looking at the latest bestsellers. This is a shame, because there are thousands of classics worth reading. You can can get many of them for free. Feedbooks is a great […]