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The Ten Hardest Working Bras in Hollywood: Actresses with the most….. ahem talent.

  Here is another amazing list of some of Hollywood’s most amazing talent complete with photo proof.   10. Kim Kardashian Kim is not an actress per se, but she is in Hollywood and that’s good enough just barely to make our list. 9. Katie Perry We have a well known by now fixation with […]

Katy Perry’s Boobs are finally free!

A couple of Katy Perry items as finally she is setting those puppies free, or rather Russell Brand is. We all have a chance now! OK so we don’t but we can dream cant we. In other Katy news, Rolling Stone thought for some reason they had to make her boobs bigger…. that’s like going […]

Katy Perry cant help showing off and we cant help ogling her

We admit that Katy Perry might just be starting to be an obsession with us, but really how can she not be. This week she goes and rocks an 80’s style miniskirt for a Miami photo-shoot and we are loving it. [imagebrowser id=2] Thumbnails [nggallery id=2] Our obsession with Katy so far…. Who is more […]

and now for an internet win…

There are times like the other day where we say the internet is stupid. Then there are times like these where all the best things on the net come together for one gigantic win. As a matter of fact, this video may just be the end of the need of our search for the best […]

Katy Perry’s Boobs are becoming our heroes.

Katy’s boobs are becoming stars in their own right as they seem to have taken on a life of their own. Last Wednesday, Sesame Street announced that a video of Elmo and Katy would not be airing on the show because some parents had objected to Katy’s cleavage (the clip had been released on YouTube […]

Monday Hottie – Jordan Carver

In no time, and seemingly out of nowhere, zaftig Bavarian fraulein Jordan Carver has shot to the top of the heap of curvaceous internet models. It’s no mystery why—she’s pinup-pretty, full of spirit and proud of her 32HH Hindenbergs See lots more of Jordan and read the full interview on The Smoking Jacket

Joke of the Day: Big Boobs

A couple were in their bedroom and the girl says to her boyfriend, ‘I wish I had bigger boobs’. The boyfriend says ‘well what I recommend is to get some toilet tissue and rub it between your boobs for 2 months’. ‘How will that help to make my boobs bigger?’ asks the girlfriend. ‘Well it […]