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The TSA kiddies at play, now with boobies!

I swear there are just a bunch of 15-16 year old boys running the TSA. The latest from the Transportation Security Administration warns airlines and foreign security agencies that terrorists might try to implant bombs in their bodies to evade security. We all know what implanted bombs look like The TSA will use this to […]

Who is more famous? Katy Perry, or Katy Perry’s Boobs

Everywhere we turn, there is another actual article, interview, or story featuring Katy Perry’s boobs. Now we are a site geared towards men, and we proudly feature Katy’s pals, but we are noticing a distinct trend here. This week it is Elle with a cover story and interview that prominently features Katy’s best feature. This […]

Rant: Individualism and activism are dying in our schools

I love boobies. A simple statement that is getting very popular with high school students these days as the non profit Keep A Breast Foundation has created rubber bracelets, lanyards, and other merchandise that is increasing awareness of breast cancer at an unbelievable pace amongst the youth of America. Schools are banning them across the […]