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BK FTW with it’s new Bacon Sundae

Weighing in at a hearty 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar, this tasty mass market bacon dessert features vanilla soft serve with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon. We are calling a winner in the fast food wars for now and it is Burger King. How does […]

Sex… Now with Bacon!

In our ongoing series on bacon porn, we present Bacon Lube. Because independent of one another sex and bacon both lack sizzle, the swine scholars behind Bacon Salt (and Baconnaise, and Bacon Ranch, and bacon-flavored Mmmvelopes…) have done gone and added some pork to your porking with Baconlube: a "delicious massage oil and personal lubricant" […]

Bacon Porn: Bacon Popcorn!

Lets see how can we take a fairly healthy food and turn it into something good… I know add bacon! Everything is better with bacon First things’ first, crisp that bacon in a large saucepan, or dutch oven. When the bacon is sizzling hot, and crisp to your heart’s content, remove the bacon from the […]

Bacon Porn: Chicken Fried Bacon

We love bacon, and we love chicken fried steaks, so what could be better than chicken fried bacon! Not only that but its cooked by a drunk dude! Warning, drunk people cuss…a lot. Recipe:

Site of the Day: Bacon Today

Nirvana at last. A site devoted to nothing but sweet, sweet bacon. My new personal favorite. Visit Bacon Today