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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

The banana gets schooled as a security guard gets revenge for all the times the banana has picked on security.

Difference Makers: Patrick Rodgers

Quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen as Stephen Colbert takes on vampires

I know they call getting married taking the plunge, but this is ridiculous

Josh falls 4 stories off building proposing to fiancée– his poor fiancée, Brooke practically had a heart attack. This is probably viral marketing, but its really cool nonetheless.

Three Little Pigs read by Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is just demented. Fun, but demented. Check out his take on The Three Little Pigs for some typical Walken awesomeness. Watching this made me realize just how horrifying that story could be, but Walken puts a humorous spin on it. Enjoy

Prism Cool amateur sci/fi short

This is a fantastic short film that shows how far we have come in a short time with amateur film making. From all appearances it will not be long until these young talents will be able to compete with what we are seeing at the multiplex. Actually we are there already as this is way […]

Parkour dogs

Parkour is cool and stupid and useless all at the same time, especially when done by dogs!

Now THIS is a first pitch

I have no idea how legal this is, but I say it’s a fantastic out pitch.

This dude needs a change of underwear

When you are driving a funny car at something like 200 mph, having the steering wheel come off in your hand has to be the biggest oh crap moment imaginable. Check it out.

Dogs are stupid

Proof that dogs are not as smart as we sometimes think they are.

Now this is how you sell orange juice

I’m not even completely sure what they are selling, it appears to be an orange beverage of some type, but I also do not care. I want some. nomnom