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Elementary Kid inspires us all to be better.

Leave it to the kids of America to show us all how we should live our lives and treat each other. Check out this group of youngsters and parents at this elementary school field day and think about that the next time you want to quit something or think that there is no good left […]

Tebowie returns to Jimmie Fallon to sing

Tebowie returns to Jimmie Fallon. Hilarious. Good luck in NY Tim.

Tree beats man with axe (How not to chop down a tree)

If you do not know how to chop down a tree without a splitting wedge for wood, maybe you should call a lumberjack…. This guy thought he could do it on his own, and boy was he wrong.  He lost this battle, much to the chagrin of his house.

There was once a dancing baby… Now there is a baby who gets Jiggy With It

We all love Will Smith, but not as much as this baby does. His name is Barnold and he gets down.  

Kate Upton’s Swimsuit Video

Kate Upton’s SI Swimsuit Videos have hit the web and they are just as hot as you think they are.   More Video after the break

What happens to your mind on too much caffeine

I admit it, I am a caffeine fiend. I drink around 6 bottles of coca-cola daily and coffee or tea on top of that. If I could do a cola bong I would. Basically I figure any day now my heart will just explode. But it is all worth it because as you can see […]

Harry Potter Pole Dance

This is the only Harry Potter movie we will be seeing…. well ever.  

Now this is an iPad case! – 1300 foot drop and no damage

This is cool, how about a product demo that is amazing and maybe the first commercial for a product that was ever effective on me. The pricing seems fair at 45-90 bucks as well.  I want one of these, and really have no use at all for it as I will not be taking my […]

The best salesman of all time

The best door to door salesman of all time. I don’t need his cleaner, but I want to buy some from him. Get in touch with me Kenny Brooks and I will set you up a website and make us both rich

Viral: "F%@k you" Sign language performance with fantastic ‘tude

  This might be the best thing ever on the internets. Anna had a final for a college level sign language course and did the song “Fuck You” by Cee Lo. Quite possibly the greatest thing ever and here is to hoping she got an A.