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SI Swimsuit Model Jessica White in the Philippines

A video of Jessica White’s photo shoot in the Philippines with fantastic visuals

Difference Makers: Patrick Rodgers

Quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen as Stephen Colbert takes on vampires

Best Pre Race Prayer Ever! Heck the best prayer ever.

Now this guy would make me want to go to church, The church of the almighty GM Boogedy Boogedy Yeeha

Pedophile and 16 year old wife hit E! and gross us all out

They have spent the last month defending their controversial marriage along with the 35-year-age gap. But it seems 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and wife Courtney Stodden, 16, have not even come close to stopping when it comes to revealing intimate secrets of their unlikely union. ‘He’s a tiger,’ Stodden told E! Online about Hutchison’s bedroom […]

Diving beautiful Antarctica

This is an amazing clip of the beauty of Antarctica as seen on Darek Sepiolo’s trip around the world where he dove all 7 continents. The starkness and beauty are amazing as is the score which is inspired by Hans Zimmer’s music from “The Thin Red Line” Antarctica from Darek Sepiolo on Vimeo.

When is a bikini too small?

We have this discussion a lot more than you would think and the answer seems to be dependent on the wearer, and the viewer, but, if like us you are a fan of teenie, tiny bikinis (and who isn’t) you’ll love watching Jen Keller show off her sexy bikini with invisible strings. Video:

Cool: Elephant helps tornado victims

When there is a disaster like the one of the tornadoes that have hit Joplin, Missouri, everyone comes together to pitch in and do what they can, animal and human alike Video: Elephant Helps Clear Tornado Debris

Poor poor lamp

We have talked about IKEA before, this is a classic commercial of theirs that is simple, yet somehow funny and endearing. One of the better commercials of all time, shame everything IKEA has is crap.

A Rap Ode to Wal-Mart

WTF, I thought with my daily trip around the web I had seen it all, then I came across this little gem. A rapper and his bootie shaking dancers wander the isles of Wal-Mart and goes completely insane with lyrics like “she buyin Summer’s Eve, she keep her body clean” making me long for the […]

Danica Thrall–Hump Day Hottie

Sonia Danica Thrall is a UK glamour model. Professionally she is known as Danica Thrall. In 2006 she won Miss Derby in the UK and competed in Miss England. Danica seems to really need a publicist as much is still unknown about this beauty who first appeared in FHM in Sept 2010 after many modeling […]