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In 2007 a little known Senator had this to say about the Presidential powers. “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” Senator Barack Obama December 20, 2007 in a Boston Globe […]

Fukushima, Japan – Nuclear Reactor Explosion – March 12, 2011

Why did the news deny this for hours after it happened? We have no idea and we are still getting conflicting reports a day later, can we trust any of our news outlets anymore? The news out of Japan is sad, can we at least get some decent reporting? In the morning Video of the […]

This is how to teach people

We are currently dealing with not just a daughter going to college, but also a wife who is going back to school to become a teacher and the most amazing thing is that teaching methods remain stuck in the 1950’s for the most part. Read the book, do the problems and go on to the […]

This sometimes homeless, almost always overlooked lady is my hero.

Sometimes you hear a story and it makes you think. I hope that I would not be one of the 80 something people that passed by in this clip, but I am just not completely sure of that. This homeless lady has more integrity than most of the people I know. I wish I could […]

Who is more famous? Katy Perry, or Katy Perry’s Boobs

Everywhere we turn, there is another actual article, interview, or story featuring Katy Perry’s boobs. Now we are a site geared towards men, and we proudly feature Katy’s pals, but we are noticing a distinct trend here. This week it is Elle with a cover story and interview that prominently features Katy’s best feature. This […]

Rant: Individualism and activism are dying in our schools

I love boobies. A simple statement that is getting very popular with high school students these days as the non profit Keep A Breast Foundation has created rubber bracelets, lanyards, and other merchandise that is increasing awareness of breast cancer at an unbelievable pace amongst the youth of America. Schools are banning them across the […]

Viral: Why we quit watching wrestling in 1994

We grew up going to the Sportatorium in Dallas where we watched the Von Erichs grow up in the ring, we were huge wrestling fans in the day. We all knew it was fake, but it had enough realism and feuds and of course the ever present soap opera themes to keep us coming back […]

Thought of the Day: WTF IKEA

WTF IKEA, why cant I just go buy one damn thing. I enter the doors and suddenly I am sent into some kind of a rat maze and instead of cheese you give me damn meatballs at the end of the maze. Do you know how hard it is to find those damn meatballs? I […]

Why does Maxim magazine hate me?

OK I realize it is not ALL about me, but come on. What is with the paying customer getting shafted all the time? No wonder print is going under. I can see the Beautiful Olivia Munn photo on the cover of my latest Maxim all over the internet for free, but in my subscriber copy […]

Katy Perry’s Boobs are becoming our heroes.

Katy’s boobs are becoming stars in their own right as they seem to have taken on a life of their own. Last Wednesday, Sesame Street announced that a video of Elmo and Katy would not be airing on the show because some parents had objected to Katy’s cleavage (the clip had been released on YouTube […]