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Random Thoughts

Why is it that every time a police car is behind me I get paranoid? I don’t speed, don’t do anything to make me fear the law, but something about it is unnerving. There is little in life better than warm fresh chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. You are never going to […]

and now for an internet win…

There are times like the other day where we say the internet is stupid. Then there are times like these where all the best things on the net come together for one gigantic win. As a matter of fact, this video may just be the end of the need of our search for the best […]

Our Shameful McRib Obsession

There are two parts of the pig that the internet loves.  Bacon and the somewhat pork related and somehow rib-like McRib. Why do we love the McRib? The McRib is not made from ribs; heck, some would argue it’s not even food, yet the McDonald’s sandwich has inspired intense loyalty and a bizarre mystique. Our […]

How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Army of zombies on the loose? Check out these simple steps to help you survive an encounter with the undead.

Fun Facts

A tortoise can live up to 140 years old. In 2005, the US government spent on average over $20,000 for each household. (no wonder we are in debt) The fear of slime is known as myxophobia The band Weezer is named from lead singer Rivers Cuomo’s nickname in grade school. He had asthma. Every day […]

Fun Facts

The Atlantic Giant Squid’s eye can be as large as 15.75 inches (40 centimeters) wide. Why are flamingos pink? Common myth says it’s because they eat shrimp, but although they do eat shrimp, this is not the reason they are pink. It’s actually because they eat blue-green algae! Yes, that’s right, BLUE-GREEN algae! Just like […]

Fun Facts

The strip of land between two rivers is called a Doab Spicy Foods do NOT cause ulcers, ulcers are caused by bacterial infections. Koalas are prone to chlamydia infections so watch out all you furries.

Fun Facts

A lab mouse left on a treadmill overnight will run 5 miles. Humans are downright lazy in comparison. The average wedding has 189 guests Pigeons can fly 600 miles a day (once again showing how lazy humans are) A female Doctor is known as a Doctrix (Sounds suspiciously like dominatrix, they must know my doctor) […]

200 year old old ship found at World Trade Center

Construction workers at the World Trade Center dug into the hull of a giant old boat on Tuesday. Click the image below for the rest of the pictures

Random Thought

Do you think Patrick Swayze spends these days going up behind people in pottery class and freaking them out. I would if I was him.