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Our kind of parade

More than 350 Bikini-clad women in Australia (357 to be exact) have set a new Guinness World Record for the largest bikini parade. The previous record was 33, and it was set in the Cayman Islands last year. We here in the US really need to get in on this action, it beats wall street […]

Britney pisses off English fuddy-duddies

Oh for christ sakes Brits, get over yourselves. There is quite an uproar in jolly old England over a video shoot that has Britney Spears carrying a fake gun. Now the counsel of Hackney East London wants Brit to make a donation to make up for the “rudeness and damage” she has done to the […]

Maggie Gyllenhaal Swaps Vibrators with her friends…. Alrighty Then

Well, I just don’t really know how to react to this, its kind of weird, kind of sexy, and kind of gross. Maggie is promoting Hysteria which is a movie about the worlds first vibrator and several bboutique sex toy stores sent her enough ummm massagers that she doesn’t know what to do with all […]

Bill Clinton the zombie

Former President Bill Clinton is running all around talking about how his vegan diet is curing his cardiovascular disease. If you ask us, its turning him into a zombie version of Rutger Hauer. Here is the photo proof. Bill Clinton Today Bill Clinton on McDonalds diet Rutger Hauer Zombie

Kittens might be cute, but they are manipulative bastards too

Cats are cute, but evil. Scientists have discovered exactly how they manipulate humans. “At 5 a.m., my cats want two things: breakfast and attention. Their Plan A is to meow louder than an alarm clock, which usually works. If I take longer than usual to respond, they resort to their no-fail Plan B: climbing on […]

Hero: 14 Year old gets first haircut

A Florida teenager who never cut his hair as a way of honoring his Cherokee heritage received his very first haircut at 14 and donated the hair to charity. Teen gets 1st haircut ever, donates locks: Read more:

City council admits having no zombie attack plan.

Scarily, the Leicester, UK City Council has been forced to make the bizarre admission that it has no emergency plan of how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. After receiving a Freedom of Information request from a "concerned citizen" the local authority had to reveal how they would protect residents from the undead. The FOI […]

Cool: Elephant helps tornado victims

When there is a disaster like the one of the tornadoes that have hit Joplin, Missouri, everyone comes together to pitch in and do what they can, animal and human alike Video: Elephant Helps Clear Tornado Debris

Idiotic Marketing 101

Today I got my issue of Playboy, Lizzy Jagger and Louis C.K. huh, this might be cool, but I cant even get past the unwrapping phase as I am too busy laughing at the money that had to be thrown away out of someone’s marketing budget. What in the world are the marketing geniuses at […]

Porn star gets pounded on ABC in primetime

What a headline, but it is 100% true as ABC featured Taylor Wane on their Winter Wipeout last week. So now we have Winter Wipeout Porn Star Edition. Hey that just might make that show worth watching. Maybe ABC is onto something here. We know Taylor is used to getting tossed around a bit, but […]