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Fun Facts

  Cities use up 75% of the worlds resources, but take up only 2% of the surface of the earth.

Area 51 secrets revealed

Located inside the Nevada Test and Training Range, the flat-dry lake bed known as Groom Lake has been the home to some of the nation’s most advanced espionage and weapons technology, hair-raising tales of Cold War brinksmanship, and possibly much worse, according to a new book about the top-secret military base. In these three videos, […]

Wal-Mart of Weed set to open

Officially, the name is weGrow, but the soon-to-open "marijuana superstore" is also known by some as the "Wal-Mart of weed." The store is a 21,000-square-foot space at 29th Avenue and Thomas Road in Phoenix, and it will celebrate its grand opening Wednesday evening. Calling itself "the first honest hydro store," weGrow specializes in hydroponic equipment, […]

WTF Disney

I have been sitting around with my kids watching Disney movies for the last few days and I am really starting to wonder about these Disney “lessons” Sleeping Beauty married a stranger who kissed her Robin Hood is a thief Pinocchio is a liar Snow White lives alone with 7 strange men Tarzan runs around […]

So THAT’s what took so long

Weird Science: This Robot Freaks Me Out!

A geminoid is an android, designed to look exactly as its master, and is controlled through a computer system that replicates the facial movements of the operator in the robot. Whatever, you can learn about it at, I just know that now that robots have advanced this far in looks and they are obviously […]

Porn star gets pounded on ABC in primetime

What a headline, but it is 100% true as ABC featured Taylor Wane on their Winter Wipeout last week. So now we have Winter Wipeout Porn Star Edition. Hey that just might make that show worth watching. Maybe ABC is onto something here. We know Taylor is used to getting tossed around a bit, but […]

People who get paid to touch your junk Venn Diagram


M. Night Shyamalan Career Graph

This graph will help you understand why The Last Airbender was so horrific. We feel pretty sure that the tomatometer is going to end up in negative numbers for his next movie Devil. Maybe that movie name is just how M. Night is feeling has his career in his hands. To quote Weird Al Yankovic, […]

Fun Facts

The word "democracy" is banned in online chat rooms in China 99% of the pumpkins sold in the US end up as jack-o-lanterns (am I the only one eating pumpkin pie?) Sad fact: The U.S. ranks 29th in overall life expectancy, which is 78 years.