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Cute Overdose: The funniest dog race you will ever see

OK usually we don’t go for the cuteness so much, but check out these dogs beating humans in a automobile race. FFTW (Fido For The Win) Via ForGifs

Kittens might be cute, but they are manipulative bastards too

Cats are cute, but evil. Scientists have discovered exactly how they manipulate humans. “At 5 a.m., my cats want two things: breakfast and attention. Their Plan A is to meow louder than an alarm clock, which usually works. If I take longer than usual to respond, they resort to their no-fail Plan B: climbing on […]

Dog gives cat a ride to nowhere

This dog gives the cat a ride on a scooter, but at the end of the ride the dog gets off and lets the cat go crash! You can tell the cat is going “oh shit” all the way back to the crash.

WTF: A jumping cow?

One German teenager refused to give up her dream when her parents said she couldn’t have a horse. Regina Mayer, the 15-year-old bovine show jumper, grabbed the bull by the horns and spent two years training Luna, the family’s cow, to clear fences.

Welcome to the Dark Side Sarah!

In what may spell doom for all of your futures, the Gallego family took a trip to Disneyland and Sariah and Alex are chosen to join the Jedi Academy!!!! Sariah decides to bow to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone!!!!! You go girl! Welcome to the club.

Viral: No Job….No Man

This adorable 5-year-old girl sure seems to have her mind made up: She’s not getting married until she lands a job. Don’t cross her either. A tough little cookie. Video: Little girl needs a job

Scary toy dinosaur

The fact that he’s dressed as a dinosaur is pretty ironic. Little toys like that aren’t suppose to scare children. But when they do, it sure is funny! Video: Kid Terrified of Toy Dinosaur

Today’s Freebie: Christmas music for the kids

The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree Veggie Tales Album in mp3 format, completely free. Get The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree for Free today! The VeggieTales gang is getting ready to put on a Christmas spectacular – a singing Christmas tree. They just need to decide who gets to be the star on top. While Bob will […]

Viral: Doberman plus water slide = fun

This Doberman knows how to have a good time. He has more fun on the water slide than most kids.

Cute Overdose: 6 Year old skateboarder shreds

This kid is amazing, Asher Bradshaw is 6 years old and been skateboarding for 14 months. At 6, I am pretty sure I was having trouble chewing gum while riding my bike. Asher can probably do that I bet.