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Our Shameful McRib Obsession

There are two parts of the pig that the internet loves.  Bacon and the somewhat pork related and somehow rib-like McRib. Why do we love the McRib? The McRib is not made from ribs; heck, some would argue it’s not even food, yet the McDonald’s sandwich has inspired intense loyalty and a bizarre mystique. Our […]

Katy Perry’s Boobs are becoming our heroes.

Katy’s boobs are becoming stars in their own right as they seem to have taken on a life of their own. Last Wednesday, Sesame Street announced that a video of Elmo and Katy would not be airing on the show because some parents had objected to Katy’s cleavage (the clip had been released on YouTube […]

The Ultimate Gift to all Mankind: Disappearing Bikini is carrying what may be the most fantastic item we have ever seen. The disappearing bikini. The sexy swimsuit disappears by dissolving in water, leaving a woman completely nude. The sexy black swimsuit looks like a real bikini, feels like a real bikini and fits like a real bikini. The only difference is […]

Lindsay Lohan is crazy, hot and sexy as a badass gun licking Nun in the upcoming Machete

The 24 year-old actress still manages to look super hot and dangerous in a religious habit, while licking a big gun. If she is this hot in prison, it will be back to the lesbian ways soon for Lohan. Personally we cannot wait for that, or Machete!  

Why the world says American’s are stupid.

If they’ve got GOJO posted at the beach for cleaning up after you’re done…. well, I’m pretty sure that’s a? good sign that you shouldn’t be playing on the beach. Idiots

Things that piss me off

I just woke up, it’s 2am and I just hate when I go to sleep and then wake up and the person next to me is a zombie, so I have to beat the hell out of it. Sorry honey.

If you think the boobs are out today, you just might be right

Today is BoobQuake day, this hottie here is fighting back against the religious fundamentalists with two we think fantastic weapons. So everybody lets get quaking. Learn more about boobquake

Australian cookbook publisher doesn’t understand why its not ok to grind and eat black people… Run aboriginals… run fast and far.

  An Australian publisher is reprinting 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with “salt and freshly ground black people.” Penguin Group Australia’s head of publishing, Bob Sessions, acknowledged the proofreader for the Pasta Bible should have picked up the error, but called it nothing more than a “silly mistake.” The “Pasta Bible” recipe for […]

Time for – This Week in Spying on your Neighbors

Ah, remember the good old days when only the KGB and the East German Stasi were this interested in watching their citizens with such zeal? Story 1: The Senate hearings into computer surveillance: A special U.S. Senate hearing is expected in Philadelphia Monday to discuss the issue of remote computer surveillance.…

No Agenda – The NutzMedia Feed

  No Agenda is a biweekly podcast hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. Much of the appeal of the show comes from the odd couple relationship between the hosts. Adam Curry is younger and usually has more outlandish opinions of the news or world events. John C. Dvorak on the other hand is […]