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Sports & Entertainment Spotlight: Can Celebrity Endorsements Influence Perceptions Around the COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Female and POC Documentary Filmmakers Given Funding and Wider Distribution Thanks to a Visionary Studio
August 11, 2021 via Forbes Business (subscription may be required)
Some industries thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic. But ensuring that everyone has an equal chance in those industries takes commitment. But just because there is opportunity doesn’t mean all talent has equal access. Everett, a cofounder of XTR, explains her documentary film studio’s approach to ensuring that the world views the fresh ideas and diverse perspectives of women and people of color.

Indiana Pacers Maintain Salary Cap Flexibility With a Pair of Strategic Moves
August 11, 2021 via Forbes Business (subscription may be required)

The Indiana Pacers signed TJ McConnell and Torrey Craig early in free agency, and the team has been quiet since. Those two players put the

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