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Rethinking Fitness on Holiday | Entertainment

You’re on vacation and need a lot to break away from the demands of everyday life, but you don’t want to blow your training routine in the process-you’ve worked hard to keep it going. what to do?

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You might be thinking about packing yoga mats, free weights, and resistance bands to keep them going, but before that, here are some tips from local fitness experts to help you literally lose weight. .. Leave a little extra space in the trunk of the car.

According to Jeffrey Harrison, personal trainer and owner of Jeffrey S. Harrison Fitness in Lower Pottsgrove Township, one important thing to consider when it comes to fitness during the holidays is consistency.

“The more consistent things are, the better the results,” says Harrison.

There are many things you can do in a vacation environment to keep yourself active so that you have no problems returning to your normal training schedule when you return.

“You can go kayaking, running, walking, biking and staying consistent,” he said.

The idea is not to try to duplicate your workout at home by bringing the equipment to your vacation destination, but instead use something that’s free to use on land or underwater.

“There are so many opportunities outdoors and there are ways to optimize them,” Harrison said. “There are promenades, bike paths and beaches. Swimming in the ocean or bay is also a good source of activity.”

Overall, Jeffrey said vacation is not an excuse for not continuing physical activity every day, but one should not feel that one should have the same level of expectation.

“Training on vacation doesn’t have to be as complicated as training at home,” he said.

Harrison proposes to promise a certain amount of time in a day when you will concentrate on physical activity, but promises at a fixed time to do it as you might

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