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Concept: How macOS Mammoth could improve productivity, entertainment, and safety with new apps (part 2)

In the first part of our macOS Mammoth concept, we shared a look at ideas for improving the system and redesigning core elements of the desktop. Now, we want to share some ideas for new apps that we’d love to see Apple add in the next version of macOS. There were plenty of different things that we tried out during the design phase, but ultimately we landed on four distinct apps. Let’s take a look.

First off, something fun. Front Row was an app included in macOS starting in Mac OS X Leopard. It had been available on select models with Tiger, but didn’t make it onto every system until Apple shipped Leopard. Front Row was supposed to turn your Mac into an entertainment hub. It pulled content from iTunes and iPhoto and displayed them in a user interface reminiscent of the Apple TV.

Front Row was short-lived, though, and sadly saw its demise with the release of OS X Lion in 2011. A year earlier, Apple started to really put its weight behind the Apple TV, which had an entirely different user interface compared to the final version of Front Row. They wanted people to buy a $99 second-generation Apple TV instead of turning their existing Mac into an old-school Apple TV. But now, a decade later, it feels like it’s time for Apple to revive Front Row.

Front Row based on tvOS

Today we have Apple TVs that run a variant of macOS/iOS called tvOS. Naturally, apps made for tvOS should be able to run on Apple silicon Macs much in the same way you can now run iOS apps. Obviously, Apple wouldn’t want to bring the entirety of tvOS to Front Row, but they could strip the TV app out and

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