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‘VR Without the Goggles’: Illuminarium Set to Launch Its First Immersive Entertainment Location in Atlanta

Virtual reality, for all its hype and hope, hasn’t exactly taken the entertainment world by storm. Now a new venture is looking to deliver on VR’s promise of virtually transporting you to another time and place — but without the awkward headset, so you can have a shared, communal experience.

The company, Illuminarium Experiences, is promising to deliver breathtaking cinematic walk-through exhibits, featuring 4K video on gigantic screens, state-of-the-art spatial sound systems, haptic flooring, interactive features (e.g., “dust” might kick up as you walk by), and even “authentic scents” that will let you get a whiff of your virtual surroundings.

On July 1, Illuminarium ( is set to open its first location in Atlanta, on the city’s BeltLine. The first “experience” that will be available to the public will be “Wild,” a virtual safari taking you to

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