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What a Life: Movie-making used to be a reel challenge – Loveland Reporter

My dad was an avid amateur photographer, I suppose due to his background in art — he was a “fine” artist, commercial artist, sign painter and interior decorator.

He did it all.

Equipment for the amateur was rather limited, but he had assembled his gear and never passed up an opportunity to record an event, either photographically or with his movie camera. Let me say this: Things have changed over the past 70 years.

His movie camera was a rather formidable piece of equipment. It was a heavy, black box, about half the size of a shoe box. It had a tiny lens in front, and a folding, flip-up viewfinder. Spring motor driven, it had to be wound up every few minutes.

It was of the 16mm variety, and used film reels that held 100 feet of color film — film that would deliver only about four minutes of finished product.