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Our Veterans are Forgotten Again – TV Bites

Neena is back with a unique look at how we handle the holidays both in Canada and the US. 

Since I cancelled my cable, I’ve watched more of the Canadian networks available to me over-the-air than I once did (CTV, CBC). I write this the day before Veterans Day and, as was the case last year, come November 1st Canadian advertisers focused on Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in Canada) and there have been very few Christmas commercials. Although not as plentiful as in recent years, American holiday advertising started on what seems like a continuous loop on November 1 – some even on Halloween; some even earlier than that (Target mailed out their holiday flyer in October, for crying out loud). I was sick to death of them by the end of the first week…Read more about how our veterans are forgotten again on EntertainmentNutz